These screen shots of web applications represent both from in-house, non-public facing web applications as well as full public-facing apps and are noted as such.

There are some applications that I am contractually prevented from showing here, However, some they can be shown by me in other ways

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UI/UX Contractor, hired by Tactis, contracted out as a contract consultant to Peraton.

Successfully designed, created, and tested software applications for the United States Air Force and the United States Space Force.
Applications created for classified and unclassified reporting of anomalistic situations that could affect our commercial and military satellite vehicles.

Note that some technical data has been blurred out for security reasons

USDA APHIS Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (Proprietary)

This is the latest work, but I have to admit that I made no changes to this application. I was hired as a UX/UI specialist to evaluate whether this 10-year-old application suite needed modification. The team and I decided, after many interviews with stakeholders, that changes were unnecessary.

Quarter Funding Application (Public Facing)

I was tasked with creating, from scratch, an on-boarding system for a mortgage-like company called Quarter (https://www.quarterhomes.com). The application creates a workflow whereby users can enter detailed financial information in a secure environment. I designed the application to be as easy as possible, including context-sensitive help and review/change facilities. Users were taken through the process in a page-by-page workflow where many items need completion before moving on. A signature on the last page completes the user’s process and data is sent to a Java back end (not of my writing).
In addition to the application, I also created the company’s logo.

ContactHoney Content Management System (Public Facing)

I wrote this for my wife and I. I got tired of paying for Sage Act!, a contact management system, as I did not need many of the frills. Also, it was in the prime of the pandemic and I needed something to keep me busy.
So, I wrote may own full featured contact management system. I have not made a decision whether or not to market it and there is still some featured to be added, but presently it includes an address book, a calendar, import/export of common “cards”, and editing features.

Dealware Proprietary Application for buying and selling businesses (Non-public Facing)

Dealware is a software suite that allows highly secure document sharing and communications between buyers and sellers of companies. Users are established with specific credentials which allow them to view specific document classes and specific tasks within any number of available categories. All personal information (PI) is secured and stored on multiple servers.

Since this was a non-public facing application specifically designed for users involved in the sale or purchase of a company, I wanted to present a clean, professional feel that was both corporate and easy to use.

I took over from a previous designer, but had to redesign all pages since the workflow AND the required data had radically changed. The front end relied heavily on user permissions and bi-directional work flow. Their website, https://www.dealware.com, was NOT designed by me.

Aljex Software Screen Shots (Corporate Use)

Aljex has been providing freight brokerage, LTL management and Digital Freight Matching for decades, serving major corporations like PepsiCo. Their software allows companies to ship their “widgets” internationally; finding the best price, scheduling, and tracking the shipments, world-wide. Their software is based on an old 1970s back end called FilePro, but they were still using it when I worked there in 2016. Writing for that back end was like Cobol./

My tasks were to add more functionality to their systems, both front end (HTML/CSS/Javascript) and very difficult back end support in FilePro, which I had to quickly learn. I was also tasked with creating new REST APIs that received freithg tracking information .

These were very difficult front ends to add to, as they were already packed with checkboxes and inputs. It would sometimes take an hour just to figure out where to put a new element!

Sequence Logic OCR Conversions for structured documents (Non-public Facing)

Sequence Logic was able to take PDFs of known mortgage and loan documents, identify them, and scrape all the data off of them and deliver said data to client. The goal was for each document to move through the process untouched. Nevertheless, data remediation was necessary both on the input and output sides of the process.

Documents that could not be recognized for their type and function were passed to a software application that I designed and built from scratch where each document of a "package" of documents could be presented to a user for them to select of verify a document type.

On the output side, if the extracted data fell below a predefined threshold, the document would be presented to a user, and the user could zoom in on the affected field and, for example, determine whether a character was read as an "8" or a "B, for example".